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CM Engineering, Inc.

Business Types: Conductivity Testing, Consultants, Designers, Engineers
Organizations: LEED Accredited, Professional Engineers

CM Engineering, Inc. is a progressive mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering firm founded to expand the level of Professional Engineering Services available to our
prospective clients. The late Kirk Mescher, P.E. was a founding partner of CM Engineering, Inc. Kirk drove CM Engineering’s commitment to excellence in the field of engineering and
the advancement geothermal design. CM Engineering has led the design‐development and installation of “ultra high‐efficiency” heating and cooling systems. CM Engineering is a
leader in the development of outside air energy recovery systems for building ventilation in the since the early 1980’s. These systems are now seen on most new building designs in
one fashion or another. Since 2005, CM Engineering has been working on high efficiency geo-exchange applications. CM Engineering projects usually achieved very high energy star
scores with some of the lowest installed costs of any geo exchange system.

CM Engineering’s Kirk Mescher authored the cover article of the October 2009 ASHRAE Journal “One Pipe Geothermal Design‐Simplified GCHP System”.

“Bright Solutions in Engineering” is the philosophy by which CM Engineering operates.

Geo‐Exchange Services

Energy conservation is one of CM Engineering’s particular areas of interest. Our results are consistent, measureable and repeatable. They are innovative and more affordable than typical geo systems, they are easier to maintain and they WORK.

Geo-Exchange Engineering

  • Total Facility Energy Audits
  • Energy Usage Analysis and Simulation
  • Energy Loss Analysis for Existing Facilities
  • Total System Design for New Construction
  • Total System Design for Retrofits and Renovations
  • Thermal Conductivity Testing for Proposed Well Field Sites
  • Geo‐Exchange Well Field Design and Specification 
  • Open and Closed Loop System Design for Water Source or Ground Source Geo‐Exchange
  • Air Conditioning Add‐Ons for Older Facilities
  • System Controls
  • Total Project Supervision
  • Total Quality Management
  • System Testing and Commissioning
  • Operation and Maintenance Training, As Desired

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