Center for American Progress Event: Senators Murkowski and Begich on Renewable Energy in Alaska

This morning the Center for American Progress (CAP) hosted an event to explore the challenges and opportunities for renewable energy in Alaska. Panelists discussed the cost of fuel in Alaska and the innovative ways in which Alaskans are developing a sustainable energy strategy, as well as the effect that high gas and oil prices have on the cost of living in rural Alaska.

Senator Lisa Murkowski observed the high cost of renewable energy. She noted that Alaska could be used as an example for the potential use of many kinds of renewable energy, including geothermal. Sen. Murkowski opined that the volcanoes on the islands surrounding Alaska are ready to be tapped for geothermal energy, and noted that Iceland has been able to use their geothermal potential to attract business to the region.

Scott Borgerson, Managing Director, CargoMetrics, Inc., discussed the potential for small geothermal heat pumps to provide energy for remote villages through onsite generation. He noted that Iceland was able to harness natural energy to help businesses and increase employment.

Gwen Holdmann, Director, Alaska Center for Energy and Power, University of Alaska Fairbanks, explained that she is working on a geothermal heat pump that uses the lowest temperature water that has ever been used.

Complete details including audio and video files are available at Challenges and Opportunities for Renewable Energy in Alaska.