CEA Features Webinar on Geo Loop Cost Effectiveness

CleanEnergyAmbassadorsClean Energy Ambassadors (CEA) works to share winning strategies for energy efficiency and renewable energy development at community-owned utilities. CEA sees the Great Plains region as its home base, but it is also working with communities nationwide. The program is all about developing leadership, taking a broad view, and fostering productive public participation in energy efficiency and renewable energy development. CEA’s June Webinar focused on The Cost Effectiveness of Geothermal Loop Systems: “Wondering if your utility can afford to pursue energy efficient programs such as the use of geothermal loop programs? Hear from geothermal loop expert Paul Bony (ClimateMaster) on how to overcome the cost prohibitive nature of geothermal loops by allowing customers to take advantage of the savings without the high upfront costs that make this system unaffordable for most utility customers.” Visit the webinar recording here.