Regional News

NEGPA Announces 1st Stakeholder Meeting with the New Hampshire PUC on Rulemakings to Establish SB 218

New Hampshire will soon grant renewable heat energy from biomass, solar, and geothermal heat pumps the same incentives given to electric utilities for renewable power supplies. The program will be initiated in January 2013. On June 19, New Hampshire Gov. Lynch signed SB 218, which includes renewable thermal energy as a compliance measure for utilities under the state's Renewable Portfolio ...Read More

GEO Lauds New Hampshire Thermal Energy Law for GHPs

The Geothermal Exchange Organization (GEO) lauds New Hampshire's recently passed law (SB 218) that allows thermal renewable energy sources to be used by electric utilities to meet energy purchase requirements under the state's Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). The New Hampshire RPS requires power providers to source 23.8% of their electricity from renewable resources like wind, solar and biomass by 2025. ...Read More

Michigan Geo Energy Association Commits to Renewables Recognition

At its annual meeting, the Michigan Geothermal Energy Association (MGEA) agreed to pursue a state policy that would recognize geothermal heat pumps (GHPs) as a source of renewable energy, allowing utilities to count the technology against renewable energy mandates. Michigan's Renewable Energy Standard (RES) demands 10% of utility electricity be generated by renewable sources by 2015. MGEA members acknowledged that ...Read More

California Geothermal Legislative Update

The newly formed California Geothermal Heat Pump Association (CalGeo) continues its relentless pursuit of passage for AB 2339, a bill that will advance geothermal heat pump (GHP) technology in the […]

GEO Meets with Ohio PUC

GEO President Doug Dougherty met with the Ohio Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to discuss the value of geothermal heat pumps in economic development, energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives. He […]

New Geo Association for Long Island

On June 6, a number of geothermal heat pump industry stakeholders met with the objective of founding the Long Island Geothermal Energy Organization (LI GEO) to support and promote geothermal heating and cooling in the area. Among others, attendance included the Long Island Power Authority, National Grid (for LIPA), P.W. Grosser Consulting, U.S. Green Building Council, Geo NII, Water Furnace, ...Read More

GEO Weighs In on Tough North Carolina Drilling Setback Rules

The Geothermal Exchange Organization (GEO) sent a letter to North Carolina Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources Dee Freeman, urging changes to new Injection Well Construction Standards, charging that they are "onerous new rules with no proven environmental benefit that may largely preclude installation of GHP closed ground loops in various areas in the state." GEO copied the letter to, ...Read More