Plumbing Engineer Magazine Features GEO President

The Feature Story of the October issue of Plumbing Engineer magazine shares an interview with GEO President and CEO Doug Dougherty.  Click here to read the full article:  Walking the Walk – An Interview with GEO President and CEO.

Buildings Magazine Touts GHPs

As Buildings Magazine so aptly notes: “Solar panels and wind turbines are easy to spot, but you could be walking over savings and not even know it. A geothermal heat pump system, also known as geoexchange, may be tucked away under the ground, but your utility bill will surely notice its presence.”  Click here to […]

DOE Highlights Report on Hybrid GHP Technology

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today highlighted a recent report – Hybrid Ground-Source Heat Pump Installations: Experiences, Improvements and Tools – demonstrating hybrid ground-source heat pumps (GSHP) as a viable solution to reduce energy use in commercial buildings. The report finds that new hybrid systems dramatically decrease up-front costs while delivering financial and environmental […]

GEO and Oak Ridge National Laboratory Publish GHP Industry Surveys

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is working with GEO and IGSHPA on developing the first national certification standard for all primary personnel involved in the installation of GHP systems as defined in GHP System Disciplines 07-06-2011. The standard will be designed to increase customer confidence in the technology, reduce the potential for improperly installed systems, and assure product quality and performance.

Annual Member Meeting

Join us for our Annual GEO Member Meeting on Wednesday, October 5, at 4:30 pm in Lower Level Meeting Room 2 at the Tulsa Convention Center. Get the latest information about GEO’s rapidly expanding programs to promote the geothermal heat pump industry, and offer us suggestions on ways to help you succeed in your business!  […]

Sierra Club Highlights Geothermal Heat Pumps

The Sierra Club GreenHome website highlights the use of geothermal heat pumps as part of a homeowner’s strategy to Green Your Home.  The site details a straightforward path to becoming a renewable energy resident.  Click here to visit their website.

GEO Legislative Action Workshop at IGSHPA

Reaffirming positive relationships for common goals to promote and expand the geothermal heat pump industry, GEO President and CEO Douglas Dougherty met with IGSHPA Executive Director Dr. Jim Bose (left) on July 28 in his office at Stillwater, OK. The following day, the GEO Board of Directors and staff convened a Legislative Strategy Retreat in […]