Tax Reform Proposal Threatening Geothermal Heat Pump Tax Credits is “Dead on Arrival”

The headlines—and the geothermal heat pump industry—have been buzzing about tax reform since the House Ways and Means Committee released a proposal by Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) on Feb. 26.  To balance substantial tax cuts, the draft bill eliminates or shortens scores of tax breaks, including those currently in place for geothermal heat pumps.“The Camp proposal would end the 25D ...Read More

Certified Geothermal Designer Course April 2-4

Designing Ground-Source Heat Pump systems will keep you competitive in a market forced to deal with rising energy costs and resource depletion by offering customers a low-maintenance, economical and green alternative for their space conditioning needs. Federal and state tax incentives for GSHPs are providing additional demand and popularity for the systems, creating even more opportunities. As an engineer, contractor ...Read More

In the Loop with the GoGoGeo Challenge

Want to be in the loop? Take the GoGoGeo Challenge and discover the potential savings that are available by retrofitting your home with state-of-the-art ground source heat pump technology. For just a few moments of your time, this survey will show you the projected energy savings, tax incentives and environmental benefits of geothermal technology.The GoGoGeo Challenge is a unique educational ...Read More

GEO to Keynote ASHRAE GHP Track

Geothermal Exchange Organization (GEO) President and CEO Doug Dougherty has accepted an invitation to kick off the Geothermal Heat Pump Systems Technical Program Track at the American Society of Heating, […]

ComEd Must Expand Efficiency Efforts Beyond Light Bulbs and Coloring Books

Commonwealth Edison, Illinois’ largest utility, must beef up its energy efficiency programs, according to the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC). The ICC directed ComEd to boost its savings target by 25,000 […]

Obama Signs New Farm Bill Including $881M Energy Title

The U.S. Senate passed the bi-partisan Farm Bill Conference Report by vote of 68-32. Its Energy Title reauthorizes and mandates $881 million in spending for renewable and energy savings programs for the next five years. The U.S. House of Representatives passed the measure in late-January. President Obama signed the bill into law shortly after Senate passage.According to news reports, leadership ...Read More

Geothermal Heat Pumps Offer Ready Solution to Volatile Heating Fuel Prices During Winter Crises

There’s nothing like a crisis to increase awareness, especially when that crisis is COLD.  This winter has unleashed brutally frigid temperatures on citizens around the country, teaching all of us some hard lessons about reliable and affordable heat for our homes. For those suffering cold and shortages of high-priced fuels under the brunt of the Polar Vortex, there is an ...Read More