ASHRAE Call for GHP Technical Papers

ASHRAE logo RGBThe American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) will convene its Annual Conference in Seattle, WA on June 28-July 2, 2014. Track 3—”Ground Source Heat Pumps: State of the Art Design, Performance and Research”—will be chaired by Dr. Jeffrey Spitler and Michael Kuk .

Ground-source heat pump (GSHP) systems are known to be one of the most energy-efficient, cost effective, and environmentally benign HVAC options available. This has been proven over and over again through energy efficient buildings which are the highest performers in EnergyStar and LEED performance ratings. However this performance only comes with proper design and application of the technology.

This track will take the engineer through aspects of site development, design, construction, commissioning and system turn-over that lead to optimally performing systems and satisfied building owners. It will also help the engineer avoid common pitfalls that lead to poorly performing systems. Research into innovative systems, heat exchanger performance, design and simulation methods, and optimal operation will also be covered. Papers/presentations are invited for all types of GSHP systems– including closed loop, open loop, vertical, horizontal, standing column wells, thermal piles, and surface water heat pump systems. We anticipate all or almost all parallel sessions at this conference having a GSHP related session. We are organizing two types of sessions:

A series of seminars (no papers, but presentations will be recorded and published on DVD) that will cover best practice for site development, design, construction, commissioning and system turn-over. These seminars will be focused on North American practice, but should be of interest to researchers interested in best practice here.
Sessions where papers are presented. We anticipate these will be research-oriented papers with topics such as innovative heat exchangers, simulation methodology, experimental validation of simulation methodologies and design methods, thermal response test methods, thermal piles, surface water heat pump systems, etc. (This list is not exhaustive! Any papers that are applications-oriented but contribute new knowledge are also of interest, such as papers on real-life projects with measurements.) Besides paper publication, these presentations are also recorded and published on DVD.

ASHRAE conferences offer two types of papers with different degrees of rigor. Conference papers are single-blind review and are only published on the conference CD or as individual papers available at the conference. For these papers, there is a two-step submission process. Conference paper abstracts are due Sept. 23, 2013. Upon acceptance, papers will be due by Jan. 9, 2014.

Technical papers are rigorously reviewed (double-blind) and appear in the ASHRAE Transactions.

For these, there is no need to submit an abstract in advance but full papers are due Sept. 23, 2013. These deadlines are FIRM. There will be no extensions. Further information about this Call for Papers, formats, review process, and other questions is available here.