Admirals Bank Finances Residential Geothermal

Admirals-Bank_LogoAdmirals Bank supports renewable energy by offering financing for residential geothermal ground source heat pump (GHPs) systems. Installing a GHP benefits the environment—and saves money. Renewable geothermal energy is among the most efficient home heating and cooling systems available, and its popularity is increasing faster than wind and solar.

“We understand that although homeowners want this technology, the upfront cost can be a burden,” said Loan Officer Don Fasulo. “That’s where we can help. Unlike most banks and credit unions, Admirals Bank has tailored a suite of loan products that directly utilize government rebates and tax incentives to give geothermal customers the highest possible return on their investment.”

He explains that Admiral’s loans allow homeowners to produce clean energy while maintaining ownership of tax credits and rebates associated with their GHP installation. “As an experienced lender in the solar financing sector, the Admirals team is equipped to provide geothermal contractors with the resources that they need to increase sales and geothermal system installations in all 50 states.

The Admirals Bank financing program is free for dealers and installers to offer to residential GHP consumers. There are no specific equipment requirements. To learn more about how Admirals Bank can help you finance geothermal ground source heat pumps for your customers, email Donald Fasulo, or call (401) 248-7381.